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Frequently Asked Questions

What changes I can expect after nose job?

Depending on your facial evaluation surgeon can alter height of your nose, you can reduce or increase height of tip of nose, width of the nose can be made narrower, deviated noses can be straighten.

Is nose job essentially a cosmetic procedure?

No, it can also involve straightening of deviated noses which improves respiration. This is also called as septorhinoplasty.

What are implants? What is its role in nose job surgery?

These are some medical grade products which are put beneath the skin to change shape of the nose. They are commonly used for augmentation of height of nose. At times some body tissues can also be used just like implants this called autologous grafts.

What should be the recovery time?

You can expect a single day admission and some swelling for 5-7 days. Major nose shape alterations may warrant longer admissions. You might feel some paraesthesia ( abnormal sensations) in initial few days secondary to surgical dissections.

Can I get my breasts enhanced naturally?

There are multiple herbal and so called natural remedies available in market for the said purpose but all have questionable benefits.

I am afraid of silicon can I still get my breast augmented surgically?

: Silicon implants are being used worldwide with very little concerns. Still one can opt for surgical augmentation without silicone implants. Your body fat from specific areas like abdomen thighs can be used for augmenting breasts.

Silicone implants will they stay life long? Will it increase the risk for having breast cancer?

Silicon implants are tested for quality and longitivity so they can easily stay for a lifetime if everything goes fine. Implant materials are specifically tested in both animal and human studies not to have any untoward side effects. Both shell and core of implants are essentially found safe for use inside human body.

I don’t want to get surgery done, is it still possible for me to get treatment?

Yes not all rejuvenation techniques involve surgery. There are some medications which can take the edge off from oxidative damage sustained by body and helps in rejuvenation.

Is Botox a permanent solution?

No, consider it as a heavy parlour treatment it will need further touch ups in future depending upon the severity of the condition

I am afraid of using injections and fillers still can i get treatment?

Yes rejuvenation techniques now a days utilize processed body fluids like P.R.P or aspirated fat which can be utilized for specific rejuvenation targets.

Are all facelift surgeries the same?

No face lift is the broader term which involves tightening of facial tissues to restore youthfulness. What you achieve by this surgery is restoration of youthful volume and getting rid of wrinkles. All face lift surgeries are not same as they have different types targeting different facial areas like upper lift, mid lift, lower lift and total face lift. It also differs according to the layer of surgical dissection as in skin lift or SMAS or sub SMAS lift.

How much long do I take to recover after face lift surgery?

Initially for few days there is a swelling which takes 5-7 days to resolve after major lift procedure. Minor lifts have much shorter downtime and one gets presentable in 2- 3 days.

Is hair transplant safe?

yes in hands of qualified surgeon it has been successfully and repeatedly found safe and rewarding.

Can I make use of somebody else’s hairs for transplant?

No, hair transplant is the procedure which can only make use of your own body or scalp hairs.

Is this a permanent solution for baldness?

Yes, once the grafts are accepted they stay there for lifetime. These transplanted hairs are chosen from areas which are resistant to hormonal damage and hence have better and longer lifespan. These hairs grow just like normal hairs and you can manage them just like other natural hairs.

I do not have much hairs on my head? Is it still relevant to me?

Yes even if one has scanty hairs on head, hair transplantation can be offered using body hairs.

Do females require hair transplantation?

Yes some females with female pattern baldness might be offered hair transplantation if they are not happy with conservative managements.